1. How do I get more information about Alpha Beta Gamma?
  2. Where can I find information about scholarships for Alpha Beta Gammans?
  3. Why doesn't Alpha Beta Gamma exist for four-year schools and graduate schools?
  4. Who is a contact person at the National office?
  5. What is the financial responsibilities of students and colleges towards Alpha Beta Gamma?
  6. Where can I obtain an application to form a chapter?
  7. When is the Annual Leadership Meeting?
  8. What are the affiliations of Alpha Beta Gamma?
  9. What are the requirements to form a chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma?

How do I get more information about Alpha Beta Gamma?

One can call the national office at 914-771-9987.

One can send an e-mail by clicking here

Requests can be mailed to:

Alpha Beta Gamma
1160 Midland Avenue, Suite 4C
Bronxville, NY 10708


Where can I find a list of scholarships available to Alpha Beta Gammans?

Over $500,000 in scholarships to four year colleges are restricted to initiated members of the society. One must be an initiated member of society with a membership card and diploma to be eligible for these scholarships. Additionally these scholarships require a letter of recommendation from your chapter adviser. See your local campus adviser for additional information.


Why doesn't ABG exist at four year colleges?

Alpha Beta Gamma is the honor society of two year colleges. Community Colleges, Junior Colleges and two and three year technical colleges are eligible to participate in the society. There are however, honor societies for exclusively for four year colleges. The following college and university honor socities are members of the Association of College Honor Societies. Here are the names of the four year college honor societies and contact persons which might interest you:

Beta Gamma Sigma, Business & Management, Bachelor & MBA- Contact: James A. Viehland 314 432 5650

Delta Mu Delta, Business, Bachelor, Contact: Mildred R. Marion, 314 432 8785

Omega Rho, Operations Research and Management Science- Contact: Dr. Richard M. Soland 202 994 7531

Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics - Contact Irene Gunther, 205 758 9947


Who is a contact person at the Alpha Beta Gamma National Office?

Dr. John D. Christesen currently serves as CEO of Alpha Beta Gamma, his e-mail is ceo@abg.org,

Tel: 914-771-9987.

Faculty or administrators might want to contact The National Executive Board Chairpersons:

Professor Marc Zagara at Georgia Perimeter College

Professor Renee Sumners, Adviser Emeritus


What is the financial responsibility of students and colleges?

Students pay a single life time membership fee to the national organization of $39.00. The only expense of the college is the initial chapter initiation fee of $500.00. Some chapters have an additional local chapter fee.


Where can we obtain an Application to form a chapter of Beta Gamma?

An application can be found on the Alpha Beta Gamma Home Page by clicking here. One might also fax a request for an application to the National Office: fax 914 606 6481.


When is the annual meeting?

The dates of the annual meeting change each year. Contact Brenda Bogren, Meeting Coordinator for current dates.


What are the Affiliations of Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society?

Alpha Beta Gamma is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Alpha Beta Gamma is an Educational Associate of the American Association of Community Colleges. Alpha Beta Gamma est une Reseau d'affilies internationaux de l'ACCC - Association des colleges communautaires du Canada.


What are the requirements to form a chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma?

Requirements to form a chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma are:

  • An accredited two year community, junior or technical college.
  • The institution must offer degrees in business.
  • A dedicated chapter adviser is needed to work with the national office.
  • Permission of the college President or Academic Dean as well as agreement from the Business Division Dean/Chair.
  • A One time $500.00 college application fee.
  • Chapters or adviser must have access to the world wide web and the Alpha Beta Gamma Home Page


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