About Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society

Alpha Beta Gamma® International Business Honor Society is the business honor society for accredited junior, community and technical two year colleges. The society exists to recognize and reward academic excellence among business honor students and to recognize the contribution to learning and business of professionals. In 1998 the constitution was amended to accept business honor students from Mexico and Canada.

Alpha Beta Gamma is a member of the association of college honor societies. The Association of College Honor Societies was organized October 2, 1925, by a group of college and university teachers, administrators, and representatives of a few well-established honor societies. Its object was then and is now to consider problems of mutual interest such as those arising from the confusion prevailing on college campuses concerning the character, function, standards of membership, multiplicity, and undesirable duplication of honor societies; to recommend action leading to appropriate classification, higher standards, reasonable cost of membership, consolidation or elimination; and to promote the highest interest of honor societies.

There were six initial honor societies in the A.C.H.S.: Phi Beta Kappa, in liberal arts; Sigma Xi, in scientific research; Tau Beta Pi, in engineering; Phi Kappa Phi, in all academic fields of university scope; Alpha Omega Alpha, in medicine; and Order of the Coif, in law.

Provision was made for responsibility to be lodged in a Council which consists of an official representative of each member society. Provision was made also for meetings, admission of other societies found to have proper qualifications, for admission fees and annual dues, and for needed studies, reports, and recommendations.

Former Tau Beta Pi President A. D. Moore was a leader in the formation of the A.C.H.S. in 1925. He served as our representative from 1925-32 and was president of the A.C.H.S. in 1933-37. President P. W. Ott was our representative from 1932-47, serving as vice president of the A.C.H.S. in 1939. Former Secretary R. H. Nagel was representative from 1947-82, secretary-treasurer from 1949-57, and president from 1957-59. Secretary J. D. Froula became Tau Beta Pi's representative in 1982 and served on the executive committee in 1987-89, as vice president in 1989-91, and as president in 1991-93.

Sixty-nine honor societies are now members of the A.C.H.S., although several of the founding societies have withdrawn. Tau Beta Pi is classed as a general honor society of the scholarship variety, as distinguished from the leadership kind. A third classification by the A.C.H.S. is that of specialized honor societies, and a fourth is freshman scholarship societies. Definitions, standards, requirements for membership, and a statement on the functions of honor societies were adopted by the A.C.H.S. in 1944. These were incorporated with appropriate modifications in the Constitution and Bylaws of the A.C.H.S. in 1951.

The society is also a participating institute in the Association of Canadian Community College Affiliates Network (Membre participant au Reseau d'Affilies Internationaux de L'ACCC, and educational affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). The society was founded in 1970 and currently has over 62,000 members.

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